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Welcome to SoundHeals Holistic Health!

I've been providing holistic health options since 1992.  My mission in my practice is to help you peel away unhelpful vibrational patterns of your mind and body, uncovering your basic, joyful potential so you can thrive!

I hope you enjoy browsing through the information about my practice.  If you have any questions, please call or email me:  (720) 284-8710,  To schedule online, click on this text: Schedule a session!

I hope you enjoy the beautiful video at the top of the page- it's sound made visual from the people at Cymascope, using singing bowls and voice from my album Deep Calm. Now we can see the sounds that we hear, and the images help us understand why beautiful sounds heal us! (when you pause the video second-by-second, you can see the lovely mandalas of sound!)

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